Packing Yourselves Tips on packing for the removal day yourselves

Small flaps, then large

When taping up a box fold the small flaps in first and then large flaps, tape with three strips. Fill the box so it is flat when shut.

Use small boxes where appropriate

Only use small boxes for books, LP’s, CD’s and wine as these are very heavy.

Use wrapping paper for china & glass

When packing china and glass use the wrapping paper provided. Only use bubble wrap on the very delicate items.

Glasses & plates

Always pack glasses upright and plates on their side.

Bubble wrap

Only use the bubble wrap for ornaments, pictures, glass shelving, flat screens & electronic equipment if you don’t have the original boxes.

Don’t wrap large pictures or oil paintings

Pictures over two foot in size will be treated as a piece of furniture so there is no need to wrap them in bubble wrap. Unless it is a canvas. Oil paintings should not be bubble wrapped as they can sweat.

If it fits, pack it

The general rule of thumb on packing is; if it can fit into a box or bag then it should be packed. I know it sounds simple, but if you use this rule you cant go wrong.

Label each box

Using a marker pen, clearly label the top of each box with a brief description of contents and the destination room. Fragile boxes must also be clearly marked.

Clear out unwanted goods

Have a good clear out of unwanted belongings from your wardrobes, loft, basement and garage before the move.

Bag up clothes where appropriate

Linen, washing and clothes that are not ironed should be packed into black or recycling bags.

Use suit cases where appropriate

Use your suit cases to pack clothing & shoes.

Leave clothes hung up where appropriate

Clothing that needs to stay hanging up can be left and they will be hung inside the removals vehicle. Just please make sure that the clothing can not slip off the hangar.

Use pillows if needed

Use pillows or anything soft to add extra protection to your fragile belongings.

Keep used screws etc in a safe box

When disassembling items keep screws, nuts and bolts, in a box that is easy to find.

Plants can go into a topless box

Dried flowers or house plants that don’t fit in a box can be packed into a box with the top open.

Leave drawers full with soft items

A sturdy chest of drawers can be left full, with soft items inside.

Tape garden tools together

Tape together in bundles of three.

Pack cold food last

Leave packing your frozen and refrigerated food until the very end (use a cool box or bag if available).

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