Packing Service Tips if you have ordered our Packing Service

Move anything that isn’t to be packed

Anything that you don’t want us to pack (clothes, documents, laptops, food, toiletries etc) must be put away in only a few places so the packers don’t pack them buy mistake. Some good places for this is in your car, on top of your beds, in one corner of the kitchen, on top of sofa’s.

Ready things for packing

Please have everything clean/washed up ready for packing.

Dry & seal toilet brushes

Please dry your toilet brushes and then put them in a sealed bag.

Disconnect electric goods yourself

Disconnect your electronic goods so when you come to unpack them you know how to reconnect them.

Take down items fixed to the house

Take down fittings, curtains and fixed pictures/mirrors ready for packing.

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